About Us

Outdoor Collective is a non-governmental organisation that acts as an umbrella platform for all outdoor enthusiasts in Serbia. We are an a-political, non-discriminatory and inclusive grassroots community united around the vision of strengthening and celebrating Serbia's culture of outdoor recreation. To do so, we organise outdoor sports related film events, debates centred around the topic of environmental awareness, and projects that open up the outdoors to anyone who wishes to experience the power of nature's transformative beauty. In everything that we do, we encourage an informed and sustainable relationship with Serbia's outdoors.

By bringing together all who enjoy the experiences that the outdoors have to offer under one collective, it is our goal to focus that combined energy and passion into advocating for the conservation of Serbia's unique natural landscapes. We firmly believe that stimulating an engaged population who deeply cares about and enjoys the outdoors is the best way to ensure Serbia's precious landscapes for its future generations.

For more information, please download the Outdoor Collective's constitution via this link.

Become a volunteer

If you are interested in Outdoor Collective's work and wish to become a volunteer, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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